Top 5 Recommended Disc Golf Drivers

With several different brands, weights and stabilities to choose from, picking a disc golf driver that works best for you can seem totally overwhelming. I’ve put together a list of five of the most recommended drivers available and the pros and cons to each disc.

Discraft Flash Elite-Z Driver – Like its name implies, this disc is fast. It’s a maximum distance driver that, with the right throw and conditions, can sail more than 325 feet. It’s got a +1.5 stability rating, so it flies straight with a nice, clean fade toward the end of its flight. It’s fairly predictable, but if you put too much power behind it or have a hard snap release, it will tend to flip. This is a disc that likes to fly smooth. Once you figure out its pattern, you’ll want to use this disc for a long time. $14.99

Gateway Illusion S-Series Driver – This shallow rimmed disc is a great driver for the sidearm throws. It flies a long, straight line and is super fast. It’s +1.6 stability gives it a turn at the end. The S plastic used is a stickier and stiffer plastic. This is a disc that, thrown low and hard, can rip well over 350 feet. $7.99

Millenium JLS Driver – The JLS is a good driver to have in your bag. It makes a smooth S pattern, starting out slightly right and ending on a slight left fade. Don’t get it to far to the right, though, or it is likely it won’t turn back. While it is slower than many drivers, it glides well, cruising a smooth flight. $11.99

Discraft Surge SS FLX ESP Driver – Although it’s not heavy enough for windy shots, this disc golf driver is otherwise very controllable. It holds straighter shot for longer than most discs and is really easy to break in and get comfortable with. With the right line and shot, it will easily land over 400 feet. This is a great driver especially for beginners, as you can really learn how to gain control with a steady disc. $15.99

Discraft Avenger SS ESP FLX Driver – Another good driver disc for beginners, the “SS” in this disc’s name stands for “super straight,” and it is. More advanced players will also find it useful though, too, for anhyzer shots. For best results, this disc should be thrown hard and flat, and it can easily add 50 feet to your drives. $15.99

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